AMP has an experienced chartering team with specialised knowledge to ensure the best deployment of our fleet.  We focus on achieving the customer satisfaction as well as optimal capacity utilisation of our vessels.
We specialise in working closely with our clients to offer personalised solutions for customers working with niche cargoes or demanding trade routes, in order to provide the best possible service into regions such as West Africa or Australia. By combining semi-liner services with COAs and spot trading, AMP is able to maximize efficiency and the quality of service.

Using small vessels with shallow drafts, AMP can offer customers access to smaller and less congested ports. Vessels are designed with box shaped holds, combinable cranes, log fittings, open hatches and (for the 8,500 dwt fleet) tweendecks, to ensure maximum efficiency for AMP’s trades and customers. AMP also periodically charters in appropriate tonnage from the market to carry out voyages for its customers.

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